I'm having fun in Illustrator designing a print for every letter of the alphabet, I will be using these images for screen-printing on my t-shirts for sure! I'm finding that illustrator is so much like drawing, you just need a basic understanding of shape, form and control.
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A new design I am working on, modeled by lil Pudding Ruby...Still tweaking the matching toy..
Little Ruby Jean... the apple of my eye at 2 months and one week old x
Still working on Hemming the bottoms, I want to do a really good job so I'm gathering my skills first.  So far I am really happy with the packaging, a simple clear package and a small sti
Im so pleased with how the tags have turned out! I ended up creating a PDF of multiple images and got them laser printed onto an A4 piece of fabric...much cheaper than having them printed on ribbon. Thanks Laser copy Hamilton for all your help and advice!