If you are hanging around auckland this weekend pop into Kraftbomb at the Grey Lynn community centre! I will have Oneises, buntings, and an exciting New Product!!! watch this space
My Mother has had a revival in knitting ever since she found out I was pregnant. There is something about babies that inspire people to get the knitting needles out!  I admire the craft so much and cant help but think is this a dying art/craft?  How many young people knit? I don't and I do not think I ever will in the future, I just don't have the patience to learn complex patterns or the tenacity to complete an item other than a scarf. This post goes out to all the avid knitters out there keeping the craft alive.
We have packed up and moved house two days ago, this was my last chance take some pics of the bunting in action: here it is in all its splendor hanging above Ruby's cot. I find that the length of the bunting lines up perfectly with the length of a cot, adding symmetry to a room.
I had a request at the market in the weekend for the penguin design from my bunting.... it is the first time I have printed it...I think It turned out rather well!   I am now offering custom printed onesies with any of my designs as well as requested colours and size.
I couldn't leave the market empty handed now could I?  Here is Ruby sporting some gorgeous new shoes and knickers...thanks to fellow stall holder Vera! She uses all recycled materials to create her beautiful range!