Goods are all packaged up and ready to hit the stall tomorrow morning, Craft and Design Market,St Johns Church Hall,20 Wellington St Ham East  9-12!
Since Ruby's Birthday is so close to christmas I am forced to get a little excited about it! I've been screen-printing up a storm in my new garage studio (still to messy to photograph).  I've made a few designs and whipped up some buntings and gift tags shabby chic styles! I will be attending the CraftMad Hamilton Craft market on December the 1st, Please "Like" there FB page here craftmad, will give you a heads up closer to the time.
One of my goals in the next few months is to set up my garage studio, I cannot wait to have a space were I can set up my messy stuff and leave it there, I'm sure it will make me more productive? With Artist Studios on the mind I have come across this fantastic Website. It takes a sneak peak of artists in their studios with glimpses of their process. I think these images are far more fascinating than the end artwork!
I had the morning off today and got to play around with some Ideas which was delightful! I made a three layer screenprint: R for Ruby! I found a cheap frame on my way home and it is now hanging nicely in Ruby's Room, which is looking ridiculously colour coordinated!
Lil Pudding is so stoked to have a mention and interview in the latest Riff Raff! Editor Emily Russell has done a fantastic job in providing a platform for Hamilton's creative community. The magazine has articles featuring musicians, designers, artists and foodies! You can Purchase Riff Raff from the Artspost on Victoria st and Machina Coffee house on London st. 
I had an old frame lying around so I decided to fix it up for my numbers poster. It is amazing what you can do with a bit of spray paint! Here it is in all its glory... I also raided my mums toy box from when I was little, I found some amazing vintage finds, check out big ted and those gorgeous wooden puzzle pieces! It is a delightful change form all the plastic toys around.
Wow it has been a full on couple of weekends, up at the Auckland KraftBomb market last weekend and Craft Mad today! They both had great turn outs and I had some good feedback for the new A3 Poster in the Lil Pudding collection! Thanks to everybody who picked something up for their little ones!
If you are hanging around auckland this weekend pop into Kraftbomb at the Grey Lynn community centre! I will have Oneises, buntings, and an exciting New Product!!! watch this space
My Mother has had a revival in knitting ever since she found out I was pregnant. There is something about babies that inspire people to get the knitting needles out!  I admire the craft so much and cant help but think is this a dying art/craft?  How many young people knit? I don't and I do not think I ever will in the future, I just don't have the patience to learn complex patterns or the tenacity to complete an item other than a scarf. This post goes out to all the avid knitters out there keeping the craft alive.
We have packed up and moved house two days ago, this was my last chance take some pics of the bunting in action: here it is in all its splendor hanging above Ruby's cot. I find that the length of the bunting lines up perfectly with the length of a cot, adding symmetry to a room.